One day in 2005, the growling of chainsaws echoing in a neighbors’ yard heralded the end of the life of an old redwood and the beginning of an idea that has become New Helvetia Hardwoods.

In an effort to rescue the beautiful tree from its fate with a wood-chipper and future in a landfill, we convinced the city to allow us to find a way to mill the tree and transport the slabs from the site. Through trial and error we were rewarded at the end of the day with 5 foot-wide and 16 feet long redwood slabs that revealed the heart and soul of this old redwood.

New Helvetia Hardwoods continues to rescue trees in Sacramento because we firmly believe that these majestic urban trees deserve a second-life.

For further information about our other creative services or help rescue a tree in your neighborhood contact us:

Clark Kayler
(916) 548 4007      


Giving our cities trees a second chance

(916) 548 4007

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